Tyrrell chassis 005 “chisel nose car”

— 1973

François Cevert behind the wheel of the "chisel nose" car during practice for the 1973 Belgian Grand Prix.

Photographs of the heavily modified Tyrrell chassis 005, nicknamed the "chisel nose car", are extremely rare as the car was mainly used during practice. It was raced only once, in Canada, where Chris Amon drove the car to 10th place. The Tyrrell 005 featured a wedge shaped nose, a revised rear wing and modified side pods, carrying the water radiators mounted on either side of the cockpit. The oil cooler was mounted at the front. The photographs, all taken in 1973, show the Frenchman François Cevert trying the "chisel nose car" during practice for the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder, and Jackie Stewart, who did a few laps in the wet during practice for the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

Photographs of the Tyrrell 005 "chisel nose" car are rare as it was mainly used in practice. It was only raced in Canada where it finished 10th driven by Chris Amon.

Jackie Stewart sets out for a new practice run in the Tyrrell chassis 005 "chisel nose" in appalling weather conditions.

The Tyrrell mechanics have wisely fitted the Tyrrell 005 with rain tyres, as Stewart sets out for another lap in very wet conditions.

The Tyrrell 005 "chisel nose" was only used during practice, which was run in appalling weather conditions.

Practice having finished the Tyrrell 005 "chisel nose" car is being driven back to the old "Fahrerlager".