Behind the scenes


Lauda's Ferrari 312T2 spare car has just been unloaded from the Ferrari truck.

In modern F1 racing the mechanics can work on the cars in comfortable pits, but it wasn't like that in the nineteen-seventies. Only few tracks offered some tiny garage space, but most of the time the teams had to work in open air, only protected from the elements by a tent attached to the team truck. These photographs give an impression of the atmosphere behind the scenes at the time.

Lauda's personal chief mechanic Ermanno Cuoghi firing up the Ferrari's engine.

Designer and Team owner Morris ("Mo)") Nunn supervising work on Chris Amon's Ensign.

Vittorio Brambilla bleeding the brakes of his March.

John Surtees checking the Firestone tyres allocated to his team.

Jones' Hesketh in front of the pits.

Designer Gordon Murray (with mustache) discussing the Brabham-Alfa's performance with Carlos Reutemann.

Andretti's Parnelli at the old "Fahrerlager" at the Nürburgring, one of the few circuits that offered garage space to the teams.

Andretti's Parnelli being unloaded from the team's truck.

The flamboyant Italian driver Arturo Merzario wearing his familiar hat and, of course, smoking a Marlboro cigarette.

Hans Stuck wearing his familiar cap.

Gunnar Nilsson in his Lotus 78 during practice for the 1977 Belgian Grand Prix, which he won.

Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart shake hands after having just arrived at Zolder for the 1973 Belgian Grand Prix.

The Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler was a very innovative car. Here it is seen in the paddock at Zolder, 1976.