Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler

— 1976

The innovative Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler, designed by Derek Gardner, was a very impressive piece of engineering. This is Depailler's car, chassis P34/2.

The Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler was a very impressive design by Derek Gardner. The increased tread contact patch and brake surface at the front were advantages of the 6-wheel Tyrrell that made it competitive from the start. Small windows were installed in the cockpit cowl to enable the driver to check the condition of his tyres.

Scheckter's Tyrrell P34/3 in the paddock. Large diameter hoses and airducts have been mounted at the front to cool the brakes, a common feature at Zolder.

The anti-roll bar up front is connected to both lower wishbones to make it effective on all 4 front wheels.

The batteries and fire bottle of the Tyrrell P34 are located at the front. The front anti-roll bar runs through the cockpit between the steering rod and the driver's legs

The Ford Cosworth V-8 engines were used by many teams, also by Tyrrell in their P34 cars.