Lotus 72 oversteering

John Watson — 1975

John cornering his Lotus 72 with hardly any oversteer.

For the 1975 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring John Watson replaced the departed Jacky Ickx in the Lotus 72, the basic conception of which was now 5 years ago. During the years the 72 chassis had proved to be adaptable to most circuits, the team getting the necessary amount of under- or oversteer when wanted. This year, however, the car was much more difficult to set up, giving giant oversteer or understeer, which made it quite impossible to balance the handling in a satisfying way. The team tried wider and narrower front track settings as well as a longer and shorter wheelbase, but to no avail. These 5 photographs were taken at the same spot, showing Watson’s car becoming more and more unpredictable.

John having some oversteer, but being able to correct this.

John Watson having to fight a lot of oversteer, resulting in a spin.

Watson has spun off, interrupting his lap, fortunately without any damage to the car, so he can try to get his car back on the track.

Watson has put his car back on the circuit and can resume his practice, paying a visit to the Lotus pits first.